HTTPS Struggles with Amazon Web Services

The latest issue concerning our adventures with trying to host a secure site on Amazon’s Web Service AWS concerns data encryption.  After finally figuring out how to upload a trusted third party certificate from Comodo purchased for a paltry $9.99 at, to the AWS service Identity and Access Management (IAM), we were disappointed to learn that while https protocol can be “heard” on the correct web server port 443, it did not help at all for outgoing data.  In our case, we need SSL encryption to work with the First Data Merchant Services Global Gateway.

The problem seems to be in our “certificate chain”.  Well this has led to a crash course in java keystores and trusted certificates, etc.  Amazon has basically told us that it must be resolved from within our application.

What’s puzzling is that the transactions work fine on our local development platform but not on the AWS-hosted version.

We’re not giving up yet.  We’ve hopefully installed all of our command line tools needed and converted certificates to the right format and uploaded them to our instance so success is close at hand!

We would love to hear your comments!

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