Another Successful Project using AngularJS

One thing about computer software development, it changes constantly. For our most recent project we chose to use AngularJS because of its two-way data binding. The application was for an online testing site for traveling health care providers.

Apparently the health care industry is kind of sticklers about nurses and other providers keeping up their credentials. Our client wanted availability for their nurses hence we knew it needed to be cloud-based. Also, the client wanted to keep track of which nurse took which exams as well as skill checklists which meant a database for which we chose MySQL.

CCT screen shotIn addition, the exams and checklists needed to be kept current with additional information or simply creating new exams or checklists. This meant a different interface for the exam administrator than the test taker.

Knowing that things were going to get complicated with so many database calls,  we chose the AngularJS and Single Page Application (SPA) with Java for the database calls and queries. For publication, we used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting.

One of the nice thing about AWS is that all the web services can be implemented in one place including domain routing, Simple Email Services (SES), S3 buckets for storage and downloading Certificates of Completion and of course the computing instance and mySQL database hosting with which we’ve used on multiple previous projects.

Look for more details on this and other implementations coming up.

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