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Another Successful Project using AngularJS

One thing about computer software development, it changes constantly. For our most recent project we chose to use AngularJS because of its two-way data binding. The application was for an online testing site for traveling health care providers. Apparently the health care industry is kind of sticklers about nurses and other providers keeping up their …

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Migrating a Google GWT Project to JQuery Mobile/PhoneGap application

We’ve developed a desktop-based web application, OurCount.com,  built on Google Web Toolkits (GWT) and a MySQL database hosted on Amazon Web Services.  While working well, the mobile version could be cleaner and packaged as a native app.  This we decided to use as a vehicle to learn the jQuery Mobile framework and phonegap packaging. Basically, …

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The Wonderful World of Web Applications

Challenging, yet rewarding, the leap to a cloud-based application is not something to be delved into without some warnings: Amazon Web Services or AWS, while a very powerful and reliable cloud service, is not for the faint of heart.  It’s array of services can be quite overwhelming and the document resources for newbies seems limited. …

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