New Android Phones

Yes, we’re serious about developing for mobile phones and to prove it, we now have in our possession three new development platforms.  Though the Android SDK is certainly functional and works well within Eclipse, there’s nothing like real-world publishing and testing on an actual device.

Always preferring the direct approach, we attempted a direct connection between a windows PC using the supplied USB cable with the Samsung device.  When the phone was not immediately recognized as a USB device, internet research indicated that the supplied USB cable is for charging only and not meant for data transfer.  Being electrical engineers, this seemed a little strange but hey it’s worth the $20 trip to the neighborhood big box Electronics store for a micro USB Data Cable.

Long story short, this wasn’t the issue at all since the installation of the Samsung Kies program installed the necessary PC drivers (adb drivers for a delvelopment bridge) and the “charging” cable worked after all.

Also, in the phone settings Menu go to Applications >Development > USB debugging  and check this option.

Now with the phone connected and with the Eclipse addin for the Android SDK installed, it’s simply a matter of writing your program and packaging it as an android APK program and then “Run As” on the new device which should show up in your list of virtual devices.

So far, we have been less than impressed with the online support available for this device and Android in general but we surely this will change.

We would love to hear your comments!

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